My name is Megan and I am a Law Graduate from the University of Birmingham. I am currently a Masters Student on the MSc Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law programme at the University of Glasgow.

Although I have felt compassion for animals from a young age, as many of us do, once I began studying law I realised that there were more rational arguments that could be used to justify why animals should be protected. I also learnt just how much this is needed from the lack of representation of animals within the law.

I decided to take a year out between graduating and starting my Masters to further my knowledge on animals and the law. I attended conferences, participated in voluntary work and continued to study the treatment of animals within our society.

I have created this blog to draw from this experience in order to clarify my own thoughts and consider all possible arguments for our treatment of animals, both from a legal and philosophical perspective. As Broom said, the consideration of animals as being worthy of protection is part of the ‘natural social progression’ that has allowed the same protection to people of different races, nationalities, sexual preferences and genders.

My aim is to encourage this progression, by making the issues surrounding the treatment of animals understandable and accessible for the wider public.

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